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Core Features
~ Disk space: up to 350GB
~ Monthly Bandwidth: up to 10.0TB
~ Unlimited MySQL databases
~ Debian Linux operating system
~ Multiple (unlimited) domain names

Email Features
~ POP / SMTP Access
~ IMAP Access
~ SpamAssassin Spam Filtering
~ Web-Based Email Access
~ Unlimited email addresses
~ Google Apps accounts available

Add-on Softare
~ WordPress
~ phpBB
~ Advanced Poll
~ ZenCart
~ MediaWiki
~ Joomla
~ Gallery
~ WebCalendar
~ Many more available

Advanced Features
~ SSL (requires a unique IP)
~ WebDAV
~ Daily Access statistics
~ Access to raw log files
~ Passworded Directories (.htaccess)

Programming Features
~ Unlimited domains
~ Unlimited subdomains
~ Custom DNS settings
~ PHP 4/5
~ Full CGI access
~ Server Side Includes
~ CVS Repository
~ Subversion Repository

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